Washington, DC 20002

Takeyah Young speaks and trains on lifestyle, leadership and legacy.

I’m Takeyah A. Young, I help leaders and entrepreneurs live well and prosper.

I am an engineer by training, educator in practice and entrepreneur at heart.

I consult, coach and train about lifestyle, leadership and legacy.


I help burnt out STEM women find their equilibrium in their places of work and play. Each of us have a Lifestyle Equation™ that equals clarity + confidence in our bodies, minds, + lives; my work helps you design that space.


I work with universities, colleges, corporations and nonprofit organizations to support inclusive STEM engagement, coach and train their leaders to help them achieve personal and organizational change and serve as a mentor to women in varying stages of their STEM experiences.


Through financial education and coaching, I help people prosper by retooling their minds, setting clear intentions, and consistently executing plans for financial well-being and prosperity. Through Prosperity MIX™, I am committed to community wealth building, by training and developing leaders in the financial services industry.

New project:

40 Million Dollar Legacy Pledge (#40MDLP) | a commitment to 1) mentor 40 people in their commitment to build their own million dollar legacy through business, and 2) help to put $40 Million in future wealth and legacy building in the Black community.

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You can find me online on Twitter @TakeyahYoung, Instagram @TakeyahYoung, and Facebook at Takeyah Young.