Washington, DC 20002

Business Mentor

Takeyah Young works with aspiring and successful entrepreneurs who want to bridge the gap between what they dream about and their reality.

Some may be experiencing physical and financial stress, on the way to creating their dream life. However, ALL are committed to a breakthrough and taking action. That’s where my gifts (as a mentor) and tools (as a coach) come in.

Takeyah A. Young, Speaker, Health + Prosperity Coach, Lifestyle Engineer



Prosperity MIX™ | Creating a life of freedom through mindset exploration, transformation-based intentions, + practical execution of wealth-building strategies.

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Prosperity MIX™ Leader  | A training, business development, and mentorship program for those who want to live well and prosper.

Business Coaching | Business coaching for new entrepreneurs who want to expand their vision, add more systems to their business, and go to the next level.

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