Washington, DC 20002

Lifestyle Engineer

Women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

As a Lifestyle Engineer, Takeyah focuses on personal + organizational sustainability strategies, helping clients find their authentic Lifestyle Equation™.

What is an authentic Lifestyle Equation™?

It’s a customized formula that incorporates how you honor your body, embrace adventure, amplify prosperity, restore self-care, and ultimately, take living personally.

Through health and sustainability coaching with me, I help you tap into your most vibrant self and gain a sense of equilibrium.

Ready to discover your Authentic Lifestyle Equation™? Here you go!


I was looking forward to hearing what and when and how you went vegan. Also you providing the students with an insider scoop on your food journey. You are a great speaker/presenter. You felt comfortable speaking with the students, provided an interactive presentation, and had cultural link to community.


— Erin Healy, MPH Youth L.E.A.D. Founder & C.E.O.



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