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Takeyah A. Young, Speaker, Health + Prosperity Coach, Lifestyle EngineerTakeyah A. Young speaks to large and small audiences at corporations, conferences, + colleges around personal sustainability, personal development, + leadership in life and business.
Takeyah A. Young offers access to and strategies for personal + organizational sustainability. Each of us have a Lifestyle Equation™ that equals clarity + confidence in our bodies, minds, + lives. Takeyah’s work helps people design that space.
As a speaker, lifestyle engineer, business mentor, and entrepreneur, she uses personal sustainability concepts, self-exploration, and practical solutions to solve challenges leadership, development, and growth.
Takeyah’s offerings draw from her academic background as an engineer, her global wellness experiences, her training as a financial coach, and her emphasis on soul-centered wellness practices that facilitate core value/daily action alignment, mindful living, and an overall knowledge of your unique needs.

Popular topics:

  • Take Living Personally™: Developing Your Authentic Lifestyle Equation
  • 5 Ways to Connect, Get Clear, and Start Living
  • Delicious Living: Nutrition + Well-Being Never Tasted So Good
  • Detoxification Simplified: How to Clean, Clear, and Cleanse Your Body
  • Prosperity MIX: 3 Practical Money Practices in Service of Security and Personal Sustainability
  • How Money Works: Fundamental Concepts to Shift You from Surviving to Thriving
  • Momentum: How to Get Out of Your Rut and Into Action
To invite Takeyah A. Young  to speak at your next event, contact her at T {@} TakeyahYoung  {dot}  com or 954.279.4261


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